IperiaVX™ is both a Unified Communications software suite and service creation platform, designed for flexibility, scalability and availability. IperiaVX enables customers to create communications applications using a single voice-enabled framework through a series of Iperia-based Web Services.

IperiaVX merges web based technologies and traditional back-office mission critical software applications with telecommunications functionality into a high performance, carrier grade voice processing platform. This convergence of technologies allows the IperiaVX platform to quickly and easily provide seamless integration paths to voice enable – and thereby expand – the scope and usefulness of traditional non-media specific applications. By tightly coupling the two disparate technologies, the next generation IperiaVX platform allows customers to build, customize, and deploy more efficient services and applications to increase end user productivity, enrich communications, and maximize customer satisfaction.

IperiaVX allows customers to offer exciting new features to their end users and subscribers. Customers can also use these united technologies to create new or customize existing applications to merge communications with the core business applications and processes. A customer can also use IperiaVX to provide telephony interfaces into their mission critical applications to allow remote access to and from these applications.

Modular, reusable voice applications can be quickly designed to interact with applications to:

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Provide greater business agility
  • Reduce capital and operational expenditures
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and retention
  • Expedite collaboration and decision making

IperiaVX for the Mobile Workforce

Productivity is the greatest challenge for the mobile workforce. When professors, executives, consultants, and other workers are out of the office, they need to deliver profitable yet cost-effective results, by communicating with customers, students, colleagues, partners, and prospects without delay.

IperiaVX for the Mobile Workforce will help the subscribers communicate smarter. It simplifies the way people connect with each other, reducing the delays between interactions on the go or in their office, classroom or in the field. The Mobile Workforce solution suite is based on open standards to integrate seamlessly with your application servers, and includes thin client applications for your mobile devices.

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