They thought it couldn’t be done.


Until Now!

Now moving to any new IP messaging platform is as easy as a software upgrade!

“In a perfect scenario, you would have the ability to move all of your organization’s user mailbox information, passcodes, distribution lists, greetings and messages over to your new IP messaging platform.”Everyone ports phone lines, so why not port your mailboxes?
Because you were told it couldn’t be done!

They were wrong!
Welcome to our world: Introducing MigrationPlus

Introducing MigrationPlus, a one-of-a-kind, proprietary software product developed by VoicePlus.

MigrationPlus utilizes software that works at the digital level to ensure speed, accuracy and security as all of your mailbox data and speech is digitally converted into current industry standard formats ready for import into today’s IP Messaging platforms.

Seamless Integration & Optimal Performance

There are many challenges associated with migrating from one manufacturer’s voicemail platform to another. Until now, there has been no viable solution to move voice and data between disparate platforms, and many organizations would be forced to manually re-record greetings and announcements onto their new system. VoicePlus has developed a unique migration tool for any organization moving from most Legacy Systems to an IP Messaging Platform. With MigrationPlus, all mailboxes can easily be ported to the new system.

Time is Money – Don’t Waste It!
MigrationPlus Eliminates:

  • All the hours of work required to perform mailbox data collection from the legacy system, then reformatting the data and provisioning the mailboxes on the new system.
  • The hours consumed by chasing data and transcription errors.
  • Time associated with continuing to keep the legacy systems available after cutover for access to old messages.
  • Help desk time addressing problems and confusion.
  • Time resolving data problems, call processor configuration, etc.

Which IP Voicemail Platforms can Connect with MigrationPlus?

  • AVST CallXpress and Repartee
  • Cisco Unity & Unity Connection
  • EsnaTech
  • Interactive Intelligence MIC
  • InTouch Digital
  • Iperia VX
  • Lucent AnyPath
  • MetaSwitch MetaSphere
  • Microsoft UM
  • Movius Mereon
  • StreamWIDE
  • VoicePlus MobilePlus – Visual VoiceMail (VVM)

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What can be ported?

All Subscriber/User Data, including:
    • Passcodes
    • Distribution Lists
    • Classes of Service
    • Names
    • Extensions
    • Notification (mwi, pager strings, outdial)

    All Subscriber Recorded Speech:
      • Greetings
      • Conditional Greetings
      • Name Recordings
      • New Messages
      • Played (Saved) Messages
      • Urgent Messages

      Automated Attendants:
        • Announcements
        • Greetings
        • Call Flow
        • Data