Why do you want VoicePlus to support your Centigram/SS8 Messaging System?

Answer: Experience, Inventory, and Knowledge

VoicePlus has a staggering 25 years of experience dedicated to the business of selling, installing, and maintaining Centigram/SS8 Messaging Solutions since our inception in 1986. Our Senior Engineers each have a minimum of 20 years experience supporting Centigram/SS8 technology. When you place a service call to VoicePlus, your call will be answered by one of these engineers.

During our 25 years we have amassed the largest spare parts inventory in the country. This inventory is strategically distributed between the east coast and west coast to ensure our customers receive the fastest response time in the event of a critical component failure.

Our knowledge of the Centigram/SS8 platforms has enabled VoicePlus to develop applications that will allow our customers with those platforms to generate more revenue as well as extend the platform life. Some of these applications include Visual VoiceMail and Speech-to-Text which both are part of our MobilePlus Application. In addition, as the technology gets older and you determine it is time to replace it, MigrationPlus will simplify the process. MigrationPlus allows VoicePlus to port all mailboxes and content (messages, greetings, passwords, d-lists, configurations, etc.) into most next-generation messaging platforms.

Call VoicePlus today to get a quote on our various support programs.

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