Legacy Voicemail/Abe’s Voicemail

Dear Valued Client,
VoicePlus, Inc. is pleased to announce the recent merger of Legacy Voice Mail Solutions (d.b.a Abe’s Super Budget Voice Mail). The change will provide Legacy Voice Mail clients access to a comprehensive network of integrated technologies and expanded support services.

For more than 35 years VoicePlus has been the leading provider of voice messaging solutions to telecommunication carriers, cable companies, mobile providers, and large enterprises companies. One such customer company has been Legacy Voice Mail Solutions. Folding the Legacy Voice Mail business into the VoicePlus brand was an uncomplicated and straightforward decision.

There are several things we want to point out: Your fees and costs associated with your current service will not change. The voice messaging services provided to you in the past will continue to be offered by VoicePlus. Accessing your mailbox(es) will not change. Invoices will be presented under the VoicePlus logo.

Should you require service, assistance or have questions please reach out to VoicePlus at: By Phone: (510) 964-4800 Option 2 By Email: helpdesk@voiceplus.com

By USPS: VoicePlus, Inc.
P.O. Box 15482
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

We are thrilled to be doing business with you and appreciate your continued partnership.

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