SS8 Support

VoicePlus has the know-how, technical knowledge and inventory of parts in order to continue to support these systems for many more years, even as SS8 transitions out of the messaging market.

SS8 Model 640 and Broadband Services Platform

Installed at service provider locations throughout the world, the 640 and the Broadband Services Platform (BSP) 2.1 messaging server platforms were designed to provide affordable, reliable TDM messaging services. These platforms provides a full suite of TDM messaging applications.

SC 3100 UCP

VoicePlus supports the SC3100 unified communications platform (UCP). The SC3100 UCP was designed to uniquely operate as a stand-alone unified messaging solution that conformed to the standardized requirements of an IMS-compliant infrastructure.

The SC3100 UCP was built around a modular and scalable architecture that was designed:

  • NEBS-compliant,
  • to provide hooks for presenting a subscriber’s UM applications within a common web portal
  • work with existing provisioning and alarm interfaces
  • and built on standards-based hardware and software

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