CallXpress Speech Features

Voice User Interface (VUI)

With the CallXpress Voice User Interface, you can access your inbox anywhere, even while driving, by speaking commands to:

  • Access your messages (“Get new messages”, “Get new email”)
  • Navigate your message queues (“Next message”, “Previous message”)
  • Process your messages (“Delete message”, “Forward message”, “Reply to message”)
  • Place calls to other system users (“Ring John Smith”)
  • Place calls directly to phone numbers (“Dial 3334444”)

Speech Driven Automated Attendant

Answering and managing calls around the clock, the CallXpress speech-based Automated Attendant reduces costs, increases productivity and improves the efficiency of call delivery.

Voice-activated options are easily accessed by callers. For instance, when a customer dials the main number, they simply tell CallXpress the name of the desired person or department. It delivers the call without menus to wade through or keys to punch.

Personal Assistant

CallXpress turns your mobile phone into your virtual office. Now you have the same level of productivity tools on your mobile phone as you have on your computer, including:

  • Listen to, create, change, or delete meetings and appointments
  • Accept or decline meeting requests from others
  • Call and manage your contacts
  • Route calls to the most appropriate telephone based on your location and availability
  • Notify you of missed calls
  • Perform interactive call screening to divert an incoming call to another person, or acknowledge a call with a brief message that is played to the caller before they are transferred to your voicemail
  • Transfer calls from your mobile phone to your office phone and vice versa
  • Record a conversation

Discover the Benefits

More Efficient Organizational Communication

Ensure that your employees are never out of reach through Find-me/Follow me, which redirects calls from one phone number to another. As a result, more connections are completed quickly, whether users are in the office or on the road.

Full Hands-Free Mobility

Powered by intuitive voice commands, CallXpress quickly connects callers to employees and employees to information. For instance, you may take calls and manage voice, fax and e-mail messages on a mobile phone while driving to work, schedule calendar appointments in a completely hands-free mode. Voice-activated management simplifies the task and ensures continued productivity – and complies with the hands-free mobile phone laws enacted in many states and countries.

Cost-Effective Integration

CallXpress Speech-based access is fully integrated with CallXpress offering administrators single point of administration. It also leverages the same platform to save money on software and hardware investments.

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