Know Your Options (Centigram)

CallXpress provides organizations with a flexible messaging solution to meet the demands of today’s office and mobile employees. The modular design provides the right feature set for Centigram users including the emulation of the Centigram Telephone User Interface (TUI). This allows users to access messages with familiar keystrokes, such as “P” for play or “D” for delete.

  • CallXpress uses industry standard hardware — no fee for storage hours.
  • CallXpress provides unlimited voice mail. subscribers, automated attendant and call processing menus.
  • CallXpress offers unified messaging from the device of your choice — users can manage all message types (voice, fax, or e-mail) using a single set of commands from a telephone, cell phone, Internet, or within e-mail.
  • CallXpress integrates with over 250 circuit-switched and IP PBX’s.
  • AVST has over 22 years of messaging experience.
  • CallXpress was first to market with new technologies such as text-to-speech and speech recognition.
  • CallXpress has an installed base of over 35,000 customers worldwide.

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