Speech Overview

CallXpress offers speech-enabled access to applications such as Personal Assistant and Automated Attendant, making AVST’s Unified Communications solutions ideal for any organization looking to maximize users and business productivity. Using sophisticated speech recognition technology, CallXpress provides speech access to your company’s communication infrastructure and real-time call connectivity. It also offers hands-free mobile management of telephone calls, e-mails, fax messages, contacts and calendar and complies with the hands-free mobile phone laws enacted in many states and countries.

Harness the Power of Your Voice

  • Never miss another call from your most important customers — dramatically improved success rate for person-to-person calls
  • Track down co-workers with just one call
  • Keep up with all voice, e-mail, fax messages and calendar anytime from anywhere – such as the car, airport or hotel
  • Focus on profitable tasks rather than administrative call handling and unproductive rounds of phone tag

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