Know Your Options (IBM/Lotus)

CallXpress provides organizations with a flexible messaging solution to meet the demands of today’s office and mobile employees. This web page is intended as a guide for companies looking to implement an enterprise communications solution that seamlessly integrates with IBM’s Lotus Domino Server. CallXpress and Domino Unified Communications take into account the needs of users, IT administrators and business managers by providing the most complete, seamlessly integrated, scalable and reliable enterprise communications product for the Domino server available today.

AVST’s solutions enable direct access to an enterprise’s communications infrastructure including unified messaging, text to speech solutions, voicemail, email and fax messaging from any voice or data device via a touch-tone, GUI or speech interface.

  • Installation of Domino Unified Communications requires no significant changes to the underlying Domino or Lotus Notes® products currently installed
  • All changes are additions and new templates are created with inheritance from the customer’s original templates and are provided by UC messaging APIs created by IBM Lotus directly.
  • CallXpress integrates with over 250 circuit-switched and IP PBX’s.
  • AVST has over 22 years of messaging experience.
  • CallXpress was first to market with new technologies such as text-to-speech and speech recognition.
  • CallXpress has an installed base of over 35,000 customers worldwide.

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