Know Your Options (Legacy)

Many IT professionals today are advocating the replacement of older systems that don’t support the mobile work force or are based on obsolete proprietary platforms or technology. Others, unfortunately, continue to bear the burden of the increased maintenance and support costs of legacy systems that simply do not integrate with new technologies within the organization, nor meet the needs of the modern enterprise.

With CallXpress® from AVST, you can:

  • Access one inbox with all your voice, e-mail and fax messages using your computer, telephone, mobile phone or Internet. Receive and reply to any type of message from your cell phone using voice-activated commands, hands-free.
  • Organize and prioritize your messages quickly and easily within your e-mail box
  • Respond faster by staying connected to all message types, even when out of the office.
  • Eliminate phone tag.
  • Send and receive all your messages in one phone call.
  • Make it easier and faster for clients to contact you.

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