Know Your Options (Octel/VMX)

Avaya recently announced product transition plans for Octel Aria and Serenade systems. It is important to know your options as you consider your move away from these systems. In looking at CallXpress, did you know:

  • AVST CallXpress systems have an optional Octel Aria® and Octel Serenade/VMX telephone user interface (TUI).
  • CallXpress integrates within OctelNet™ networks allowing phased replacement of Octel systems.
  • CallXpress is PBX independent, integrating with over 250 traditional and IP phone systems.
  • CallXpress provides improved system administration through an easy to use Windows® application, available across a LAN or WAN environment.
  • AVST has over 22 years of messaging experience.
  • CallXpress was first to market with new technologies such as text-to-speech and speech recognition.
  • CallXpress has an installed base of over 35,000 customers worldwide.

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