Know Your Options (Centrex)

CallXpress® provides organizations with a flexible messaging solution to meet the demands of today’s office and mobile employees. This Web page is intended as a guide for companies looking to implement an enterprise communications solution that seamlessly integrates with Centrex telephone services. Using Station Message Desk Interface (SMDI), CallXpress easily integrates in a Centrex environment by exchanging voice mail integration data over a dedicated data channel.

AVST solutions directly access an enterprise’s Centrex infrastructure, extending the viability of the Centrex service by providing voice mail, unified messaging, text-to-speech solutions, e-mail access, and fax messaging from any voice or data device via a touch-tone, GUI or speech interface to the Centrex user community.

  • CallXpress may be configured to use either analog lines or T1 circuits for the Centrex voice connections.
  • CallXpress is capable of connecting to up to 3 Centrex systems simultaneously.
  • CallXpress can be used to support both a Centrex integration and an integration to an on-site telephone system, including VoIP.
  • CallXpress integrates with over 250 circuit-switched and IP PBX’s.
  • AVST has over 22 years of messaging experience.
  • CallXpress was first to market with new technologies such as text-to-speech and speech recognition.
  • CallXpress has an installed base of over 35,000 customers worldwide.

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